Tawa Visit to the

National Army Museum

On Monday 29th July, Tawa Cluster visited the National Army Museum in Waiouru as part of our Global Studies programme.

We gained an insight into what it was like for those who went to war to serve our country. It was interesting looking into the lives of ANZAC soldiers and finding out about their wartime diets, clothing and environment. We learnt about what medics had to deal with on a daily basis with different fractures, injuries and diseases. It was fun re-enacting a Gallipoli scene with injured patients. In trenches, if food was scarce, soldiers had no choice but to eat rats (sometimes the size of an average domestic cat). Eating rats put the soldiers at risk of disease but the alternative, was often, death from starvation. WW1 and WW2 were harsh times for not just men fighting the wars, but the women and children at home too. Rationing was an important part of survival both out in the battlefields and at home. Our trip to the museum was an exhilarating experience and we are glad that we were given the opportunity to go.

Written by Zoe Bullock and Toby Clark
Tawa Cluster Rangatira