Pastoral Team
We have a dedicated Pastoral team available to assist students who are having problems at school or home. This team provide support, both in class and in the playground, working to ensure the schools expectations with regards to behaviour are met and that early interventions take place. Our pastoral team work closely with classroom teachers to afford all students the opportunity to engage with their learning. Each Cluster has a Pastoral Learning Assistant.

Learning Support
This teamwork alongside our Special Needs teacher and Special Education Needs Coordinator to remove barriers to learning, enabling all students to be successful. Each Cluster has a Learning Assistant assigned to them.

Break Times
Our playground is large and busy. There are always a number of organized games, run by adults, on the fields and turf. Our upgraded and extended confidence course is also popular with students during breaks. For those who find break times overwhelming, we have an area dedicated to calm, safe play. This is manned by three staff members and includes the school hall for ball & racquet games, the hall foyer for board & card games and art activities, and the pond area for quiet relaxation. Our students have, affectionately, named this space ‘Chillville’.


In addition to the specialized learning spaces we have a range of facilities that make our school a very special place. Our Library is second to none in our region. We have a full-time librarian who opens this space to students each day – before school, break times and after school. She also ensures that the library resources are always up-to-date with what the students are currently interested in. We have a school pool, that has recently been sealed and painted, where students are able to swim regularly during the summer terms. Our astro-turf is an expansive space with a full-size hockey field, four tennis courts and three netball courts for students to use.

School Lunches
Whanganui Intermediate is part of the Ka Ora, Ka Ako – Healthy School Lunches Programme, providing free lunches to students.

School Uniform
We have a functional and attractive uniform to give our pupils a sense of belonging and pride. Students are free to select the uniform they wish to wear regardless of gender. However, we insist that high standards of dress are maintained and that pupils wear the correct uniform every day. All clothing is to be named. Jewellery is confined to a wristwatch and one stud per ear for boys and girls. Rings and dangling earrings are potentially dangerous and are thus prohibited. Pupils do not wear make-up, fingernail polish or hair products, nor should they tint or dye their hair. Long hair should be tied back and plaited for health and safety reasons.

Cell Phone Policy
Cell phones are not a learning device at Whanganui Intermediate School. They are a distraction from learning but we acknowledge the need for many students to have them for before and after school communication with whānau. Students must hand their cell phones to their ‘Homeroom’ teacher at the beginning of the day so they can be locked in a secure safe box. Cell phones will be returned to students at the end of the day. If a student is found in possession of a cell phone during the day it will be taken from them and sent to the school office for safekeeping until the end of the week. In this case, a parent/caregiver is required to pick it up.


We encourage students to bring their own device to school. Chromebook is the preferred option. Students who don’t have access to a BYOD won’t miss out as every class has enough school Chromebooks for one device between two students.