Classes & Teachers

For most students, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to be taught by a teacher who is an expert, working in a teaching space specifically designed to meet the requirements of their curriculum area.

Specialist Class

Te Reo Māori ōna Tikanga

Whanganui Intermediate School is proud to provide tauria (students) with an opportunity to be introduced to the world of the beautiful language and customs of Te Reo Māori ōna Tikanga.
E rere kau mai te awa nui mai i te Kāhui maunga ki Tangaroa. Ko au te awa. Ko te awa ko au.
The river flows from the mountain to the sea. I am the river and the river is me.

Specialist Class

Culinary Arts

Promoting healthy food choices and hygenic practice in creative cooking contexts. As students’ confidence grows, recipes become more complex. There is scope for individual and group challenges.

Specialist Class

Hard Materials Technology

Using a wide range of wood, and plastics in projects where the students problem solve, design and build. They learn to use the various machines and tools in the Hard Materials room in a safe manner. Students are encouraged to use mathematical processes in their designs.

Specialist Class

Visual Arts

The spacious Art room not only houses the usual drawing, painting and 3-D modelling but also now includes computer enhanced design work, photography and printmaking facilities. Students work in a wide range of mediums and are encouraged to explore their creativity.

Specialist Class

Music & Performing Arts

Encompassing the three arts Music, Dance and Drama, we have six practice rooms and two preforming spaces with tiered seating. Students can play marimba, piano, guitar, drum line, digital percussion, learn dramatic dance and compete in theatre sports.

Specialist Class

Science Investigations

While this programme is currently being taught by non-specialist staff members it offers students the opportunity to use classic equipment such as Bunsen burners and test tubes and to carry out simple experiments in a dedicated laboratory environment. Students have access to specialised equipment to enable activities involving physical and chemical changes, separating mixtures, light and sound, heat, forces, electricity, and magnetism. They work toward designing their own investigation questions with the class theme, then carry out their design, present their data, and produce a conclusion.

Specialist Class

Global Citizenship

This course focuses on students as global citizens and issues the world has faced in the past and is facing at present. It allows students to ask questions and inquire further into aspects of war, climate change, New Zealand history, natural disasters and the role of a citizen. Students also attend field trips to further develop their understanding of the subjects content taught in class.

Specialist Class

Environmental Studies

Students learn about the relationship between people and the environment, as well as learning ways that humans can reduce their impact on the earth.

Specialist Class

Digital Technology

Digital Technology sees students learning skills to take them into the world of computing with a mix of unplugged and digital activities. Students begin to learn about binary code, algorithms, debugging and computer hardware through the unplugged programme. Once online we get into the creation aspects of digital games, books, and art using tools that can be used and linked into their other classes providing new ways of demonstrating learning. The aim is to have the students in these classes creating more than they are consuming. Robotics will also making a comeback in the near future through Friday Activities and the newly formed WIS Coders after school group.