Information for Parents

Level 1

We have a thorough cleaning routine in place and continue to encourage good hygiene practices. Any child, or staff member, that is unwell should remain at home. The Level 1 procedures are below or you can view them here WIS Pandemic Level Plan.

Level 1

Disease is contained

School Measures

  • Phone contact details confirmed with parent/caregiver commitment to respond to school calls immediately.
  • Students need to arrive at school each day fully prepared.
  • Hand-washing procedure taught explicitly to students.
  • Hand sanitizer placed in each classroom, library, canteen and staffroom.
  • Explicitly teach social distancing procedures.
  • Behaviour Expectations: We will continue to teach the curriculum and require parents to support dangerous social behaviours.
  • There will be zero tolerance of coughing or sneezing purposefully aimed at a person.
  • All toilets will be washed daily with a double solution of Tri-Spice cleaner, and will once a week be also washed with a bleach solution.
  • Sickbay floors will be washed daily with a double solution Tri-Spice cleaner, and walls and doors will be wiped down once a week with a bleach solution.