Information for Parents

Level 1

For us, there will be changes to what we are doing as our school continues to be safe to attend for all. We have a thorough cleaning routine in place and continue to encourage good hygiene practices. Any child, or staff member, that is unwell should remain at home as they will be sent home from school. Fill the list of Level 1 procedures is below or you can view WIS Pandemic Level Plan.

Level 1


  • Phone contact details confirmed with parent/caregiver commitment to respond to school calls immediately.
  • Students need to arrive at school each day fully prepared.
  • Hand-washing procedure taught explicitly to students.
  • Hand sanitizer placed in each classroom, library, canteen and staffroom.
  • Explicitly teach social distancing procedures.
  • Behaviour Expectations: We will continue to teach the curriculum and require parents to support dangerous social behaviours.
  • There will be zero tolerance of coughing or sneezing purposefully aimed at a person.
  • All toilets will be washed daily with a double solution of Tri-Spice cleaner, and will once a week be also washed with a bleach solution.
  • Sickbay floors will be washed daily with a double solution Tri-Spice cleaner, and walls and doors will be wiped down once a week with a bleach

Teachers Contacts

For online learning

Below is a list of teachers, their classrooms and email address. Please contact your child’s class teacher by email if you have any questions re online learning.

Room 1:  Mrs Rasmussen – email:

Room 2:  Mrs Clark – email:

Room 3:  Mr Holden – email:

Room 4:  Mr Porteous – email:

Room 5:  Whaea Terrayne – email:

Room 6:  Mr Slater – email:

Room 7:  Mrs Reardon – email:

Room 8:  Mrs Hagenaars – email:

Room 10:  Miss Tie – email:

Room 11:  Whaea Ashlee – email

Room 12:  Mr Smith – email:

Room 13:  Mr Power – email:

Room 14:  Ms Simes – email:

Room 15:  Ms Peters – email:

Room 16:  Mrs Anderson – email:

Room 17:  Miss Forsyth – email:

Room 18:  Ms Bradley – email:

Room 20:  Mr Baum – email:

Room 21:  Mr Clark – email:

Room 22:  Whaea Michaella – email:

Room 25:  Mrs Weston – email:

Room 27:  Ms Fraser – email:

Room 28:  Whaea Pikiteora – email:

Room 29:  Mr Oosthuizen – email:

Room 30:  Mrs Booth-Richards – email:

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