Whanganui Intermediate School


Our school strives to impart values of caring, well-being and positive behaviour.


Positive Behaviour for Learning 

The current focus of our PB4L for students is punctuality, the wearing of the correct school uniform, and displaying pride in themselves and their school.

Student Support Network

Whanganui Intermediate School has a comprehensive system in place to ensure the school’s expectations regarding behaviour are met and that early interventions take place.

Enviro School

Our school practices the values of caring for our environment that sustains us all for the future.


Positive Behaviour for Learning

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) is a Ministry of Education initiative that aims to promote positive behaviour and create inclusive learning environments that foster well-being and achievement for all students.

At Whanganui Intermediate School PB4L is centred around our core values:






Rewards System

Students demonstrating these values are recognised through our rewards system, giving positive affirmations to students making the right choices.

Green Reward Cards

Students are awarded points for showing our school values. Points are awarded by teachers completing a reward card. One reward card is worth one point each and is awarded per positive choice.


There will be four different levels within our Reward System shown by four different positive achievement badges.

50 points = Bronze level
150 points = Silver level
250 points = Gold level
400 points = Platinum Level 

Ribbons will be awarded for each level as it is reached. Students will be allowed to wear their ribbon on either their jersey or shirt.

Reward Events

Reward Events will be held at the end of each term to acknowledge those children who have earned an achievement badge or are currently already at that level.


Support Network

We have a dedicated Pastoral Team available to assist students who are having problems at school or at home. This team provides support both in class and in the playground working to ensure the school’s expectations regarding behaviour are met and that early interventions take place.

Our Pastoral Team works closely with classroom teachers to afford all students the opportunity to engage with their learning. Our Learning Assistants are qualified and experienced educationalists who deliver a variety of programmes to students who need extra learning support.

Other branches of support network include Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, Public Health Nurse in Schools and an onsite Dental Clinic.



Students work on an Enviro-Pledge in term one, elect Enviro-Councillors annually and compete for the Enviro-Shield weekly. Our victories include Genesis Energy donating 2kW of solar panels supported by the SchoolGen education programme, WDC donating a large recycling station built from a shipping container and a Plant Conservation award for the student’s work in raising native trees for DoC reserves.

We welcome input from our school community in taking this work further.